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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mathala Naranga (Pome granate)

This fruit with a nice appearance has a lot of features which are good to our stomach. My children love this fruit and my mother is a great fan of this wonderful fruit. In my experience this fruit increases your apetite. My mother collect all the peel and dry it these dried peel boiled in the water is a remedy for stomach ache. I had not made juice from it I will Just cut it and separate the seeds from it. But through this site you can study how to extract the Pome grante fruit very wisely!!!
Today Mathrubhumi daily had reported that drinking 8 ounce of Pome grante juice will keep away the Prostate cancer. The chemicals contained in the juice kills the cells which are affected by cancer in a better way. This juice contains a lot of Anti oxidants and Anti inflammatory agents. It contains Isoflavanons which can kill the cancer cells. Without the radiation and high dose medicines the researchers hope that the juice can control the Prostate cancer in a better way. Its a great news!!!!
The juice is very good to pregnant woman because it is rich with iron
The juice can also prevent cardio vascular diseases!

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